Independent Research & Development

Independent research and development is the genetrix of truth. Discovering truth on your own is akin to climbing a mountain alone, the greater the truth the higher the mountain. Here at IRAND the truth is what counts. The following is the process we use to make conclusions.

Everybody desires to know the truth, some more than others.  For those who feel inclined to follow thought to the logical conclusion, you are not alone.  Education is always to some degree bias, you should allow yourself to listen but should never believe without further investigation.  Here we feel very strongly that everyone should learn the truth for themselves. The truth is often times subjective, many times the support people give does not support the conclusion. Research should be systematic in approach, and aimed at discovery or revelation. When researching anything always gather information from multiple sources, separate fact from opinion, try not to be bias and already have an opinion formed, and most importantly follow logic by seeking validity.  When the research stage comes to an end it is time to develop your final conclusion.  Looking back at the research with an open and unbiased mind, ask yourself what is relevant to the truth of the matter.  After you have your valid and relevant information it is time to form your final conclusion. This should be the easiest step since all the hard work has already been done.  The conclusion should be sound, being composed without any invalid premises.  Like anything reaching conclusions requires practice, only once you have mastered the process will you truly be able to conclude with more certainty.  In time the process will be second nature, allowing you to be a master debater, and hopefully liberator of truth.  It is my belief and hopeful wish that in the future more people will follow this process, and humanity will reach the same truths.

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